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NGA Connect

NGA Connect service is addressed to domestic Telecommunications Service Providers and concerns the physical and logical connection between the Service Provider’s (SP) equipment and the broadband network of Wind Hellas, in order to support the data traffic of its end-users.

The traffic of Service Provider’s users is gathered to Point of Presence (PoP) through the VLU services that Wind Hellas offers to the users that are in the Coverage area of PoP. Service Provider uses its own media between the manhole and its premises, where its equipment has been installed.

NGA Connect is available only at local level and it’s a prerequisite for the Service Provider in order to be able to offer retail services through Wind Hellas VLU services. The available speeds range from 1Gbps to 10Gbps with 1Gbps step. The service is available at the PoPs according to Wind Hellas NGA network deployment as communicated to the Service Providers and is uploaded in the WCRM.

For the provisioning of NGA Connect the relevant Agreement should be signed between Wind Hellas and the SP. NGA Connect is provided under the terms and conditions of Reference Offer for VLU products, which is approved by the Greek NRA (EETT). Furthermore, a Basic Service Level Agreement (Basic SLA) is supported, describing the terms and the conditions under which Wind Hellas is committed to provide the service and restore any possible faults.

NGA Connect is a logical circuit (VLANs) offered at an Ethernet aggregator interface (1 Gb/10Gb). The interface is connected to the optical cable up to the manhole with the use of a suitable optical transceiver.

Fiber optic connection in the manhole is the demarcation point between Wind Hellas and Service Provider’s network. The manhole is constructed by Wind Hellas. SP is responsible to reach the manhole. WH indicates the exact position in the manhole, where SP should lead its Optical Fiber Cable according to WH guidelines.

SP optical fiber cable should consist from maximum 12 single-mode optical fibers that should be compliant with G.652 ITU specifications. Termination activities at the manhole will be performed by Wind personnel in a suitable, waterproof, accessible fiber optic splice sleeve, which can be common for more than one service provider.


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