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Fiber to the Home

The Access Provider's VLU / FTTH service enables the Service Provider (WP) to provide the End User with wired broadband connections through the xDSL PDL equipment (DSLAM PD) installed in the outdoor cabin.

For this purpose, both PDL equipment, DSLAM installed near the End User, as well as a relevant local sub-loop (ToYB) circuit hired and hired by the Local Subservice Wholesale Provider (FTTH) are used.

Service delimitation points are: (a) towards the end user, the fiber optic distributor, which is the point of termination of the optical network of the PC in the building where the end user's home is located; and (b) to its part network, the node in the relevant PO of the PA.

The VLU / FTTH product is available at least at downstream rates of 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps. The upstream speed per product is set to at least 10% downstream.

Indicatively, Service Provider (CA) may provide Internet, TV, IP, Video on Demand, Telephony (VoIP), and Other Services

The VLU / FTTH service provides optical access connections between:

  • the Ethernet-type interface of the optical network terminal equipment (ONT) owned and installed by the CA within the End User's home
  • the concentration node located in the POP of the PC where the movement of the optical circuits (where the End User is connected)

Each Ethernet Aggregation node gathers traffic from a number of homes through an extensive Optical Fiber Network. The connection between the active equipment of each home and the Optical Line Termination (OLT) is through appropriate optical connections. Each OLT node is then linked through sufficient visual interfaces to the Concentration Node located in the POP of the PP

VLU / FTTH Terms of Service

For the provision of the VLU / FTTH service, and subject to any additional conditions / restrictions, under the applicable law, the following conditions apply:

  1. Condition 1: The CA should sign in accordance with this Convention with the PA.
  2. Precondition 2: The CA should receive an OCSY service in the POP of the PO to which the access node serving the End User belongs.
  3. Condition 3: The End User is within the coverage area as notified to WCRM_PP.
  4. Condition 4: Successful site survey in the End User Building.
  5. Condition 5: Allow access to and the installation of optical wiring up to the fiber optic distributor in the building and / or floor where the End User's home is located.



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